Tread Marks

Tread Marks 1.6

Tread Marks is a game where you will battle and race against other tanks

Tread Marks 1.6.2 is a game where you will battle and race against other tanks. You will begin by choosing your flag, your tank, your team (if any) and your name. Then, you will decide whether you play in Race Mode or Battle mode. In the Race mode you must drive your tank through a path marked with poles, guided by a floating arrow that will mark you the right way. You will be driving your tank using the keyboard. You can pick up items that are scattered around, and use your weapons to modify the terrain, in order to allow you to advance. Your tank is indestructible, you will fall from high hills into the water, suffering no damage. Your tank will be able to climb vertical surfaces. In the Battle Mode you will fight against other tanks. You will guide your tank with the keyboard, and your ammo with the mouse. You will aim moving your mouse, and fire pressing the left button. Tread Marks can be played through a network. You will need to set a computer to act as a host server. The others will be able to join the game in that computer.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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